Head Tube Bag w/klickfix adaptor

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Uses kilckfix interface for quick on & off the bike, large size, attaches to the frame, helps balance the bike into a 50-50 front/rear weight distribution, shoulder strap and carry handle

Awesome Headtube Bag

This is the perfect bag for a folding bicycle. Folding bikes are normally back heavy ( because of the drivetrains ), which can allow a rider to pop an accidental wheelie. To minimize this problem riders normally add weight to the front of the bike. However the handlebars are not an ideal place to carry, while turning the weight can shift making the bicycle difficult or impossible to control. Our new head tube bags solves all the problems. It adds weight to the front of the bike to minimize the risk of wheelies, and the bag is solidly attached to the frame, hence moving the handlebar does not affect the bag at all.



The bag comes with a mount that allows for easy on and off with the push of a button. Additionally it comes with a carry handle and shoulder strap, so its easy to use in any environment.



The bag has feet which allow it to be placed on the ground without risking any damage. It is also super thick and amazingly durable. 


Carry Big Loads

The head tube bag is huge and can handle up to 13 lbs while on the bike, and much more when off the bike. This is the only bicycle bag most people will ever need.


This will work on any bike that is klickfix compatible, which is entire lineup except the 9FS. Allen bolts are not included with the bag M5 x .8 x 16mm are required.


  • 600D (water resistant) fabric
  • PE board reinforced
  • Padded compartment for laptop
  • Organizer compartment 
  • Removable shoulder strap 
  • Tilted quick release system with cover
  • Width 40cm X Depth 36cm X  Height 10cm
Limited warranty on defects.

14 day satisfaction guarantee on all Downtube bags. Returns must be in brand new resell-able condition.

Please see our terms and conditions for details.

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