About Us

Folding Bikes designed by Dr. Yan

The Downtube was established in March of 1996 by Yan Lyansky, Ph.D. Dr. Yan started by running a bicycle resource center, managed from his office at school while he was a graduate student at Temple University. We have evolved into one of the largest folding bike designers & manufacturers. Our goal is to make comfortable and value oriented folding bikes. We start with suspension for comfort, and we sell directly to customers (no dealers) to maximize value. We add topnotch drivetrains, small folds and high end components.
Dr. Yan is an avid cyclist and has biked across the country twice. He was an expert-level mountain bike racer and an active member of the cycling community for over 20 years, promoting Bikes Belong, Rails to Trails, and NBDA. In 2003, Dr. Yan designed our first folding bicycle, the Downtube VI. It was an affordable, durable bike which was an amazing value. In 2005, we introduced the VIII and VIIIFS bikes. They became instant best sellers. Our customers understand and appreciate our low-cost, high-value business model. We have several customers (non-dealers) that have purchased 5 or more bikes. Our base models are comparable to competitors? bikes costing three times more. How do we do it? We design/test/import/distribute and retail our bikes directly to the end customer. This allows us to sell for 60-70% less than everyone else. Our growth has been dramatic, and we plan to continue selling great bikes for huge discounts well into the future. Our customers are so happy, they have helped us achieve one of the most popular threads at www.bikeforums.net in the folding bike section (over 2,000 posts and 200,000 page views).
In 2015, we introduced the first-ever commercially available 20" wheel folding bikes with suspension and belt drives. Watch our 8H and miniB, with Shimano Nexus 8sp internal hub and Gates carbon belt drive. In 2017 we introduced the first ever belt drive 11sp folding bikes with suspension. We are excited with our new 2018's...our best ever bikes.
Dr. Yan is the Chairman of Downtube.com and can be contacted at yanL@downtube.com. Dr. Yan received his Ph.D. from Temple University in Mathematics and has worked as a Math and Computer Science professor at many institutions.