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Letting you take your bicycle commute to the next level

Amazing on the road and easy to carry around, Downtube’s folding bikes make your daily bicycle commute a whole lot easier. Our range of products will give you the practicality of a folding bike and the comfort of a full-sized bike at an affordable price. Affordability, practicality and fun are what our products are all about. Once you try one of our folding bikes, you’ll never want to go back to a tradition style of bike.

Designed to Perfection

We seek perfection down to the smallest detail. Our folding bikes have integrated headsets, disc tabs, headtube bag interfaces, pump interfaces, master link chains, belt drives, and the widest gear ranges in the industry. No one else comes close with to offering as much.

A bike is made up of many components. Each one must perform perfectly to give you the ride you desire. At Downtube, we design our folding bikes with perfection in mind. Since the late 90s, our team has been collaborating with designers at some of the world’s best factories to give you a flawless biking experience. There is no weak link in our chain of components because we want to help you make memories. Our folding bikes have evolved for the past twenty years to become the market leader of value oriented folding bikes.

Made With You in Mind

Our folding bikes fit your lifestyle, not the other way around

We design our folding bikes around your needs. Being folding bike lovers ourselves, we understand the unique needs that different types of bikers have. Our folding bikes are one size fits all. with adjustable stems for riders of all heights, and the seat tube is angled back to accommodate longer virtual top tube length as one lifts the saddle. Whether you ride your bike to work, around your neighborhood, on some off-road adventures, or take in on your next boat trip. We have a folding bike that will best fit your needs and unique lifestyle. It’s freedom on wheels. We offer folding bikes with 16", 20" and 24" wheels to suite everyones needs. 16" wheel models have a low standover height. The 20" wheel folders are super compact and comfortable. 24" wheel Dyan models look and feel like a big bike, while still folding into a compact size, 

Timeless Bikes

We input quality and innovation that last forever. Beautiful welds, interfaces for all kinds of attachments, and easy upgradability make customizing our bikes easy & fun.

Design excellence and innovation carry an incredible value. Being designed to the highest standards with superior aesthetics, and using only the best quality of materials, our range of bikes gives you an affordable and attractive form of transportation that is made to last. Our suspension systems have evolved over the past twenty years. Our drivetrains are top notch with Gates CDX belt drives and Shimano Alfine internal hubs. You can be proud to ride a Downtube folding bike now and forever.

An Incredible Value for Money

More for less is not just a slogan, it’s what we offer. We design, import, distibute, and retail our folding bikes. We cut out three middlemen in order to maximize value.

Downtube folding bikes offer an unmatched value for money. We give you much more bang for your buck: better design, better components, better ride. With our unique business model that cuts out the middle man, we can give you savings keep more money in your pocket. Our former customers sell 10 to 20 year old models for a little under the purchase price at the time. Hence, our bikes keep their value well into the future.

Fully Customizable

Now, you can have it your way. We include interfaces for racks, kickstand, disc, brakes, bag systems, fenders, pump, front derailleur, and more. You can customize our folding bikes more than any competitor.

There is a difference when you buy clothes off the rack versus when a tailor custom fits that same outfit. It’s difference is true with buying a bicycle too. Customizing your bike makes it truly yours. It just feels better – to your body and to your lifestyle. When you buy a folding bike from us, we give you customization options that will make your bike the perfect fit for your needs. Adding or taking something away can make all the difference in the world between you feeling like one of a number and feeling like number one. Your bike should give you what you really want not just what is available. Downtube makes having it your way, so much easier.