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Tips & Tricks to Growing your own food

In the past two years I have turned into an advanced amateur gardener. I followed the principles in the "Back to the Garden of Eden" film. The below are the most important steps to succeed at your garden with minimal effort.1. Put 4"-6" of wood chips…
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Back to Eden Gardening

For the past two years I experimented with a "Back to Eden" wood chip garden.The premise of the concept assumes we have bad soil, and farming is making it worse. This can not continue long term.The creator, Paul Gautschi, modeled his system afte…
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Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia Distributor is BACK!

We entered the Indonesian bicycle market around 2007. It was a fabulous market for many years. Unfortunately, a complicated import duty forced us to leave a few years ago. We were approached by many distributors to restart sales, however none was abl…
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