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Duty on bicycles

Today the government announced that duty on Chinese bicycles will increase 10% from next week until the new year and on Jan 1, 2019 they will increase to 25%. Most bicycles are made in China, hence the prices of all bicycles will increase. I understa…
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Smiling and Kissing!

This past year has been a real struggle. I had fundamental health issues that made me worried about my future. I tried everything to get better, diet, exercise, energy healing, yoga. However my problems persisted.One day I watched an awesome video on…
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Rock Climbing is impossible

I lived on the east coast for my entire life. Climbing was limited to indoor walls with large handholds. I thought I was good. This year I trained to climb by doing 20+ pull ups per set and up to 400 in a day. I thought I was strong, then my friend J…
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