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Living without a car is fun and easy

Living carefree ( and car free ) In September I moved to Oregon to teach at a University. I flew in with a folding bicycle and not much else. This is the first time in 10 years I have lived car-free. It has been a wonderful experience, I have los…
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Getting Kids started on bicycles

Kids 'n Bikes I started all of my kids on Strider walking bikes before the age of 1. My daughter picked it up faster than my son, but that may be because she grew up in a house with carpets and super soft padding below the carpet. She could f…
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Las Vegas Family Trip

Las Vegas family trip Interbike, the biggest bike show in the USA has been in Las Vegas for over a decade. So I'm familiar with cycling in Vegas. Traffic is usually horrible, so walking or cycling are much more enjoyable. You can't take a full si…
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