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Rickshaw Bikes

Last year I delivered sandwiches by bike for Jimmy John's. It was sooo much fun! However I didn't feel comfortable going back due to too many young delivery guys that didn't appreciate an old guy that hustled on his bike.So this year I bough a bicycl…
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Future of Cars & Bikes

Electric cars are the future. Electric bikes are also experiencing double digits growth year over year. Electric scooters are getting wildly popular as well. In the future cars will not only take you long distances, they will also provide transp…
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Falling off a bicycle

I have fallen off of bikes more times than I can count. I've been scraped up, concussed, and immobilized a shoulder. All of my bad falls happened when I was young. I have not been injured in a fall in a long time. I'm not a better cyclist, howev…
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