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Falling off a bicycle

I have fallen off of bikes more times than I can count. I've been scraped up, concussed, and immobilized a shoulder. All of my bad falls happened when I was young. I have not been injured in a fall in a long time. I'm not a better cyclist, howev…
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Washing a Folding Bike

I got a call the other day. The customer asked how should I wash my folding bike? Should I wash it down with water? Soap? How often should I wash it? She was going to the beach.The concern is clear. There are bearings throughout the bike. The hubs, h…
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Duty on bicycles

Today the government announced that duty on Chinese bicycles will increase 10% from next week until the new year and on Jan 1, 2019 they will increase to 25%. Most bicycles are made in China, hence the prices of all bicycles will increase. I understa…
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