Downtube Nova Lightweight Folding Bike

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Light aluminum frame, total weight a light 24.5lbs, Shimano 7sp drivetrain, replaceable chainring

A Tribute to Avon, the heart of the OBX

Paying homage to Avon, North Carolina, our designers have created the Nova bike. Nova spelled backward is ''Avon'' this lightweight foldable bike is a tribute to the great city of Avon.

Weighing only 24.5 pounds, the Nova is easy to carry around, which makes it a great commuter bike. Additionally, a compact folding size makes it easy to store in any vehicle. Hence we have a bicycle that is perfect for just about everyone.

When it comes to the components, the quality is top-notch like what you would typically expect from a Downtube bike. The Nova's seven-speed Shimano TZ gripshift drivetrain makes traversing through hilly regions an effortless process. This bike also features a frame protector, kickstand, water bottle interface, head tube bag system interface, and front derailleur braze-on ( to make it 14sp or 21sp ). In short the frame is expandable to grow with you.

You can ride it on any kind of terrain. From the flats to the hills, the Nova can handle anything. Combining the bike's ability to handle any terrain and its extreme mobility makes owning a Nova such a great experience. It is a bike that you can take anywhere and ride anytime.

To make it even more flexible, the Nova can be adjusted for use by kids as young as 9-year-olds up to 6' tall adults. This is what a flexible bike is all about, a one size fits most bike.

With its quality parts, unmatched flexibility and bargain price, the Nova is a folding bike that will give you many years of awesome biking experiences.


  • Xtra light aluminum frame
  • Shimano 7sp drivetrain
  • Shimano gripshift
  • Adjustable height stem
  • Kickstand
  • Folding pedals
  • Replaceable chainring ( no other folding bike in it's class has this feature)
  • Lightweight threadless headset system
  • Solid V brakes
  • Rise handlebars for additional adjustability
  • Headtube gab interface
  • Water bottle braze on
  • Front derailleur braze on
  • Hubs and seatpost have quick releases
  • Uses standard bike parts, so everything is easy to replace


FRAME Downtube Aluminum frame
N/A HLT-400-1 850B *100L
FORK Chien sheng 20" steel unicrown type,TIG welded
HANDLEBAR HL Corp. MTB-AL-153PP alloy W:560mm R:30
HANDLEBAR STEM HL Corp FB-AL-196-8 alloy φ28.6*25.4 *400 L.
GRIPS Jie Li JL-311/312 110/80mm
HEAD SET Chuh Chinn
SADDLE Yibotong 6502 w/C.P clamp & spring w/F & R black bumper
SEAT POST HL Corp. SP-213 alloy φ30.4*500mmL
SEAT PIN Chin haur
CHAINWHEEL Prowheel 1/2"*3/32"*46T
CRANK Prowheel 170mmL alloy
PEDALS Chic sheng folding plastic
CHAIN Z50 1/2"*3/32"*112L
TIRES Kenda K177 20"* 1.2"
RIMS Dino VP-20 alloy 20"*1.5" 14G*28H w/silver side polish
SPOKES & NIPPLES Shun Lih 14G*56pcs, W/short brass nipples
FRONT HUB Joytech FH-A171DSE 14G*28H*M9" alloy w/QR
REAR HUB Joytech JY-752DSE 14G*28H*M10"*130 alloy w/QR
SHIFTER(S) Shimano SL-RS35-7R
FRONT BRAKE Zhang Star 958DX alloy V-brake
REAR BRAKE (I) Zhang Star 958DX alloy V-brake
BRAKE LEVERS Zhang Star 322DG alloy

Nova Features Video

Nova Folding and Unfolding Demo


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  • 4
    Good bike but pieces break off?

    Posted by Katherine on Apr 16th 2018

    I have enjoyed riding this bike so far--it handles much better than I expected, and has a nice range of gearing.

    However, some plastic pieces have started falling out/off of the main folding hinge on the body. It still seems to work just fine, but the latch is more of a pain now. It's not a make or break, but it's annoying and frustrating, since I haven't done anything rough to the bike and yet, within 3 rides parts of it are falling off.

  • 5
    Best affordable folding bike

    Posted by Andri on Nov 26th 2017

    Really love how Nova give me great-great features with a really affordable range of price. The build quality is excell, the bike design itself very good.

  • 5
    Shipping to Hawaii

    Posted by Sally on Nov 26th 2017

    I bought a Nova and although it took ages to arrive it wasn't Downtube's fault. I live in Hawaii and UPS dumps boxes in Honolulu to have them barged over to the other islands. What I want to say, besides I love my cute little bike, is that I was very impressed with the materials it was shipped in: all except a handful of plastic were put into the recycle bin. Thank you Yan for thinking of the environment.

  • 5
    Reasonably priced folder with real parts

    Posted by Scott T on Sep 4th 2017

    I have had my Nova for a few months now. It is fantastic. I wanted a reasonably priced folder, but something with real parts. This was the perfect option. I travel a lot and it can come with me anywhere. It takes about 20 seconds to set up and I am off and running. When I first got it, I had a question on how to pull the latch out. Yan was able to help me immediately and all was well. The frame is nice and comfortable. It will be with me for a long, long time. One mistake I made was not to buy the travel bag. Do this. It's not a big deal but I have scratched up my fork and I can't help but thi ...Read More

  • 5
    My Favorite Bike

    Posted by Peter Frischknecht on Sep 4th 2017

    I will make it short... It is a great bike. I have a road bike, a mountain bike, an A-Bike, and the Downtube. The downtube has quickly become my favorite. It lives in the trunk of my car, and has the unforeseen advantage of being useable by my 7 year old, as well as me. It feels like a bike, not a toy. I have jumped ramps, done wheelies, rode backwards sitting on the handlebar... yeah... it is a bike. If I was to complain, this is my list: - It is small and light enough...but not enough to easily fit in a suitcase - The gearing is too close together... top speed is not really fast. Otherwise, this bike is super... I love it.

  • 5
    Excellent bike!

    Posted by Alexandra Soltow on Sep 4th 2017

    I love my Downtube Nova! It has worked perfectly from the get-go and has been 100% trouble free. I've been riding it every day for the past month. I had originally bought it to take on a sailboat (which I did), but I realized that it fits really neatly in the front seat of my car, so I've used it when I was too lazy to put my bike rack on.

  • 5
    Great Value

    Posted by Anonymous on Sep 4th 2017

    We needed a folder for my wife when traveling in our RV. She is not the bike enthusiast I am so the Nova seemed like a good value. It arrived in 2 days. After unboxing, I aired up tires and off I went. After a few minor adjustments to brakes and derailuer all was good. Folding was very very tight and I contacted Yan to see if some WD 40 would do the trick. He got right back to me and after a few squirts the hinge freed nicely and the fold is on the money. This is a great value bike with outstanding customer service. We hope for many miles of smiles.

  • 4
    So far seems good for the price.

    Posted by Chris M on Sep 4th 2017

    Seems okay, bought it for going to and from the train station and my office. It arrived well packed and survived the cross county trip. I had it tuned up at a local bike shop after it arrived, it needed a lot of adjustments. The only frustration so far is that when trying to put fenders on it the threads I the front fork are not the standard size and I had to buy additional (bigger) hex screws than those that fit every other hole on the bike. Over all for the price I think this is a Good deal. I will review again when I have had it longer. Also communication with the owner was quick and helpful.

  • 5
    Great Bike and an even better deal

    Posted by Lenny Harris on Sep 4th 2017

    I can't understand how these guys do it. This is much nicer than the bikes at my local bike shop and it is less than half the price.

  • 5
    Lightweight Folder Fun

    Posted by Harry S on Sep 4th 2017

    I might never own a 24 pound road bike, but I now own a 24 pound Nova Folder, It shifts nice. Brakes as well as any other bike I own. Looks pretty cool in yellow. I had to take a few minutes to understand the side latch, a little different from my Downtube 8FS..It has a hard rubber C shaped gasket that spreads, rather than be squeezed. Once I understood that, it was easy. On the other hand, the steerer tube hinge is easy to use and holds tight. The 14T top gear gives me about 14-15 mph at my fastest pedal rate. I'd like a little more speed so I'm going to try a 11-28T (free wheel) gear. One thing is true, This bike wants to be on smooth pavement. I have the tires up to the max and you feel every bump going faster. It will be much nicer when I ride with my wife. She gets the 8FS with full suspension, but she rides slow, so I'll be fine.,

  • 5
    Great lightweight bike for my girlfriend

    Posted by Alex Korolev on Sep 4th 2017

    Just have bought 8FS. It is my second bike from Downtube. Riding on bumpy surface I can feel a difference. It's worth it for me to have a full suspension bike. Although for my girlfriend Nova is better because of a lighter weight to carry.

  • 5
    Downtube Nova

    Posted by Anonymous on Sep 4th 2017

    I've had my nova bike for about 6 years now and have put many, many miles on it. We live part time on our sailboat, and I bought the bike for the boat so we could store it easily. It has been perfect and has stayed in wonderful shape even thought it is constantly exposed to salt air. When my family visits and rents bikes, I can keep up with them easily on my cute little nova even when they are on much bigger bikes. I'm a huge fan!