Folding Bicycle carrybag

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The best folding bikes need the best carrybag.

I’ve been promoting folding bikes for over a decade. Folding bikes are just so darned handy. I was so enamored with them that I designed my own series of folding bicycles under the name Downtube. If you've never tried a folding bike I urge you to give it a shot. Folding bikes are fun, and they are easy to open and fold.

Also folding bikes can go almost anywhere you go. There are some restrictions though. Folding bikes or any bikes for that matter are not allowed into banks, restaurants, libraries, and government buildings. I'm sure there must be other locations that frown on lugging a bicycle into their premises, but I don’t know who they are. However, I can tell you that there is an easy way around these restrictions - cover the bike. A bike in a carry bay suddenly becomes luggage. Once you cover your folding bike with a bag, it can go anywhere. Our specially designed carry bag is the perfect solution since you can carry it anywhere by strapping it to the saddle while you are riding, and when you get to your destination it unfolds into a huge bag that gobbles up the bike. No one will know that you have a transportation solution in your bag. You'll be able to take your bike to restaurants, buses, trains, and libraries with no problem. A Downtube carry bag also provides an excellent shelter for boaters who need to keep their bikes protected from the elements. Water and salt spray can be killers to metal surfaces and oiled parts.


Our bag uses the thickest most pliable material on the market, It’s weather-proof and comes with a tough, top quality zipper, and an thick easy to use shoulder strap that makes carrying your folding bike a breeze.


Other bike bags on the market can cost you a small fortune. The bicycle industry norm for a bike bag is $100+. Not so with a Downtube bicycle bag. We are proud to bring our world renowned value at low prices to the bike bag market. As an introductory offer our bags will cost only $49. We can’t maintain this price for long so, this is a limited time offer. Buy now.

Easy to Use

The Downtube carry bag is tiny when it's folded, so it can be transported easily. The most efficient way to use our carry bag is to fold your bike, put the bag over top of it and then flip it and zip it. Please don't try to lift your bike into our carry bag, or any carry bag for that matter –it just doesn't work so well.


  • Water resistant fabric 
  • Removable shoulder strap 
  • Top handgrip to provide additional carry options
  • Base protected by rubber feet
  • Dimension when open 80cm x 31cm x 70cm
  • Dimension when folded 32cm x 23cm x 11cm
  • Weight 4lbs ( one of the thickest and heaviest carrybags )
  • Long life (quality materials mean less damage and more years of service)
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6 Reviews

Patrick Ridge Aug 11th 2019


Very well made and because it’s from downtube it fits my H8. I like how heavy duty the bag is made.

Hirofumi Nagai Nov 18th 2017

Strong bag

A little bit heavy but strong enough to carry miniB.

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