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Zoom Mini Bar ends for Folding bikes

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Cyclists love bar ends. They provide extra hand positions ( for comfort ) and they make hill climbing easier. Pulling back on the bar end during a climb will dig the rear wheel into the ground, creating more friction which will remove any tire slippage. Climbing is easier with bar ends...so everyone uses them.

Folding bikes don't do well with standard bar ends, they get in the way of the fold. So we found these fabulous mini bar ends that don't interfere with the fold and provide the benefits of their larger cousins. These are  perfect for folding bikes.



  • Super small size ( doesn't get in the way of folding )
  • Provides extra hand positions
  • Makes climbing hills a breeze
  • Clamps onto standard handlebars with 5mm allen wrench
  • Length: 82mm
  • Weight: 52 gr. each
  • Color: Silver
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