Why a Folding Bike is better


Top 6 Reasons a Folding Bike is Better than a Big Wheeled/Large Framed bike

Some people think of a folding bike as a gimmick or a fad. I assure you that folding bikes are highly functional, fun to ride, and are here to stay. 

Have you ever been trying to strap your conventional bike to the carrier on your car while you try to avoid cursing when it doesn’t settle properly or realizing you forgot your lock in the garage and you don’t want to leave the bike unattended while you race back to get it? These are only a couple of frustrating things about using a conventional big-wheeled / large-framed bike. Think about how hard it is to take that bike with you in the city or if you want to travel by boat or train. I shudder at the problems I used to face when I took my old conventional bike anywhere but near my home. But no more! I use my folding bike exclusively now, and avoid anxiety, frustration, and being denied access to some places. Folding bikes are clearly better all around than conventional bikes.

You should consider the advantages of a folding bike before you consider buying a conventional bike. You may be so swayed by the reasons for using a folding bike that you might even sell the conventional bike that is gathering dust in your garage.
Top 6 Reasons a Folding Bike is Better than a Conventional Bike.

1. One size fits most: If you have a friend or family member who needs to borrow your bike it will fit. All you need to do is adjust the saddle height and stem height. Our mini bikes fit kids as young as 6 and adults up to 6' tall; while our 20" wheel folders accommodate riders from 4'6" to 6'4". Some conventional bikes can accommodate ‘up’ by raising the seat post if it has a long seat post, but they cannot accommodate ‘down’ beyond the large size of the frame.

2. Security: Bike thieves are always on the prowl. You can fold the bike and take it everywhere you go, no need to lock it outside and risk problems. It fits into a shopping cart. Additionally by using a carry bag a folding bike can be taken into offices, libraries, and banks, so it is always secure.

3. Friendly: Folding bikes are cool and different. You will make a lot of friends riding a folder. Expect a lot of questions from curious people.

4. Small size: It fits in the trunk of a car, and takes up little space at home. It is great insurance in case something goes wrong with your car.

5. Small wheel folding bikes are fast: The small wheels are more efficient up until 16mph, so they accelerate from standstill very quick, and they climb like a goat. 

6. Safety: a folding bike is easy to take anywhere in case of catastrophic emergencies with boats, planes, cars, and trains. In less than 20 seconds you can be on the road away from danger.
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