Downtube XFS Full Suspension Folding Bike

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Light aluminum frame, comfortable full suspension, 10sp cassette drive train w/trigger shifter ( expandable ), disc hubs, cold forged hollowtech cranks, aluminum folding pedals, bag & pump interfaces, disc hubs & tabs, machined rims
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Our Crown Jewel: A full suspension folding bike w/ top notch components

The Downtube XFS takes folding bike comfort to a whole new level. With its state-of-the-art front and rear suspension system, the XFS is the most comfortable bike we offer. The suspension will absorb the road’s imperfections, which will keep your body fresh. Long rides will seem shorter than ever thanks to its comfort.

The top tier light aluminum frame makes the XFS smooth to ride around the clock. It's also rock-solid when it comes to build quality and has an expandable frame that will grow with you.

The XFS comes fitted with a front dérailleur braze on (with cable routing), disc brake tabs, head tube bag interface, pump interface, kickstand mount, two water bottle braze ons, rack braze ons, and a removable frame protector from below that can act as a kickstand when folded.

All this makes taking the XFS on a trip around town or around the world as convenient as it gets.

The quality of the XFS begins with the suspension system and solid aluminum frame, and extends into every single detail. This includes massive welds, beautiful design, cold forged cranks, and lightweight integrated headset system.

Ride the XFS around and you will instantly feel the quality of the high end 10sp racing drive train. With a performance matching that of the Shimano Deore, this is the best quality drive train you will find on a folding bike under $2000.

Once you try using the brakes, you'll notice how powerful they are. The XFS comes fitted with high-end two finger Tektro levers (with a comfort rubber grip), Tektro V brakes, and matching double-wall aluminum-machined sidewall rims.

The textured rim surface is essential to get optimal braking performance. Other manufacturers still use slick rims which allow the brakes to slide on the rims surface. This bike is also disc brake ready with 6-bolt interfaces on both front and rear hubs, and cable stops for discs.

The stock brake system is ideal for the majority of customers, and better for travelers (disc rotors are likely to bend while folding & unfolding). Please read our disc vs V-brake article to decide which is best for you. Overall, these quality brakes make stopping quick and easy.

Turning the XFS into an 20 or 30-speed bicycle is super easy thanks to the front dérailleur braze on with cable routing, which is included with every XFS folding bike. We use 130BCD cold forged cranks that will accept another chain ring for easy conversion to 20sp. for faster downhill riding. All you have to do is place on a bigger chain ring. Most customers go with 58T-60T big rings. 

Even though the XFS is so feature-packed, it is extremely portable. When folded, you can conveniently fit it in any vehicle, boat, or train which makes carrying it around as pleasant as riding it.

The XFS is a steal at under $1500. Folding bikes with similar features are more than twice the price. This is due to our low-cost, customer direct high-value business model.

If you are looking for a premium folding bike with suspension at a bargain price, the XFS is what you are looking for.


  • Folded size: 14" x 24" x 35" 
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs 
  • Folding time: 13 seconds 
  • Rider Weight: 255 lbs max. 
  • Front derailleur braze-on will allow one to turn it into a 30sp bike.
  • Head tube and seat tube interface for bags, pumps, or battery packs
  • Gear inches: 28 to 88 
  • Upgraded 10 speed drivetrain w/trigger shifters & mid-cage derailleur allows super wide cassettes
  • ISIS style BB
  • Disc hubs (front and rear) with disc mounts on the frame
  • Kickstand frame mount
  • Cold forged cranks
  • Hollowtech bottom bracket.
  • Preload adjustable trans-arch suspension fork
  • Front & Rear disc tabs
  • Lightweight and easy to fold alloy pedals
  • Alloy and stainless frame and stem quick releases
  • Machined sidewall rims
  • Lowest price 10-speed folder brand in the world...all others cost over $2000!
  • 24H/28H spoked front/rear wheels for light weight
  • 1.5" front tire for low rolling resistance
  • Replaceable 52T chainring
  • Stainless Steel spokes
  • Brake levers with textured grip
  • KMC masterlink chain for super-quick removal & cleaning 
  • Frame interface for pump on the rear of seat tube
  • Mini bar-ends (With many folding bikes, it is difficult to steer with a long stem. Bar-ends solve this problem but make the bike difficult to fold. Not with our mini bar-ends - they are easy to turn and easy to fold!)
  • Folding left and right aluminum pedals for compactness
  • Plastic chainring cover to make keep chain from getting dirt and grime in your car or storage area. Also keeps the chain from falling off
  • Ding-a-ling bell to alert pedestrians and cars
  • Extra-wide rise handlebars to allow the rider to stretch out and feel comfortable. Rotating the rise bars can push the rider towards the saddle ( for upright comfort riding ) or away from the saddle (for more aggressive riding)
  • Super duper soft comfortable ergonomic grips
  • Adjustable height stem allows bike to be used by kids and adults
  • Front and rear Quick Release skewers to quickly remove either wheel
  • Velo "love channel" saddle
  • Braze-ons to allow a water bottle cage or pump


FRAME Downtube Aluminum frame
Shock HLT-400-1 850B x100L
FORK HL Corp CH-190AMS  20" alloy  suspension fork
HANDLEBAR HL Corp. MTB-AL-153PP  W:580 alloy
HANDLEBAR STEM HL Corp with QR for height adjustment
BAR ENDS Kalloy BE-21 alloy  L:80mm
GRIPS Jie Li JL-311/312 110/80mm
SADDLE Velo VL-5006
SEAT POST HL Corp. SP-233   alloy 30.4x500mmL
B.B. PARTS ISIS integrated style
CHAINWHEEL SOLID-242PP-F steel single 1/2"x3/32"*52T
CRANK Prowheel 170mmL alloy
CHAIN GUARD Plastic double guard
PEDALS Wellgo FP-7 alloy hi-impact body, foldable, 9/16" axle
CHAIN KMC Z, 1/2"x11/128"x116 links
TIRES Kenda F:20"x 1.5" R:20"x1.75"
RIMS HJC DA-17 alloy Double F:20"x1.50" 14Gx24H   R:20"x1.50 32H CNC
SPOKES & NIPPLES 14G*56  pcs,45#stainless  braze nipples
FRONT HUB Quando KT-MD7F ( disc front hub )
REAR HUB Quando KT-TR8R ( rear disc hub )
R/DERAILLEUR Microshift ( mid cage )
SHIFTER(S) Microshift ( trigger shifters )
Cassette  11-34
FRONT BRAKE Tektro MINI-10  V-Brake 55MM shoes
REAR BRAKE (I) Tektro MINI-10 V-Brake 55MM shoes
BRAKE LEVERS Tektro RS392A, alloy levers w/alloy black clamp

New bike instructions can be found here


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  • 5
    great folding bike

    Posted by Janusz Swider, Warsaw Poland on Sep 4th 2017

    I think my 9FS is the first Downtube in Poland. A few months ago I asked my daughter to buy it and send to Poland. The bike looks nice, sturdy and well made, I like it . A frame size a little bigger than Dahon Jetstream is just for me /I am a 5'9" guy/. Now we have winter with snow in Poland, I'm waiting for the warmer days to hop on this bike to enjoy the long ride.

  • 5
    Very comfortable ride

    Posted by Molinaro Drafino on Sep 4th 2017

    I can't believe how comfortable this bike is to ride. Much better than any other folding bike I have ever ridden.

  • 5
    Wow! Your bike is great, I LLLiked it! :)

    Posted by Lyndawer on Sep 4th 2017

    Interesting design. So, this bike very nice, I LLLiked it! :)

  • 5
    Downtube 9FS Full Suspension Folding Bike

    Posted by PR on Sep 4th 2017

    Really enjoying riding this great bike. Everything working fine on the bike. I usually ride 7-10 miles 5 days per week. Really a good idea to tighten everything up after you unpack the bike and make sure everything is adjusted right. May want to have a bike mechanic do this if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself. Thanks for the fast ship and fast responses to my questions.

  • 5
    Great bike!

    Posted by Jason Margulies on Sep 4th 2017

    I received my bike yesterday. It was fully assembled and easy to unfold, set up, and adjust. I took it for a long ride this morning through Miami Beach on various terrain - street, sand, wood boardwalk, and pavers - the bike as comfortable, handled well, was sturdy (I am a 195 lb. 6'0" man), and shifted well. When I returned to my condo, it was very easy to fold and put in my closet. Also, I had ordered a rear trunk bag with my bike which didn't arrive with it. I emailed Yan who immediately emailed back, explained it was an error and apologized an assured me it will be sent out immediately. Good job!

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel Long on Jul 31st 2016

    I'm blown away by the smooth ride my 9FS delivers. I ride in nyc, I need a bike that is comfortable, compact, durable and can handle all the BS that NYC will throw at me during my commute. Thanks to Yan such a bike is now in my possession. Cheers!

  • 5
    Solid and comfortable - 1 year update

    Posted by Christopher Ihm on Jul 31st 2016

    In a little less than a year I've put just short of 300 miles on the 9FS. I should bike more, because I'm gaining weight - but the bike is handling it very well despite my minimal maintenance. As a full-suspension bike with moderately-wide tires, the 9FS is smooth and comfortable to ride. I've added some basic stuff like rechargeable lights and a removable basket, but the tires and seat remain "stock" and I'm fine with them. I keep it all in my car trunk so I can bike after work. I find it takes me far longer to change into "biking clothes" at 5pm than it takes to pull out and setup the folder. So I shoot for two rides a week - once on the weekend and once after work. This is a well-built, easy to use and comfortable bike, so I have no excuse to blow off riding it, which is exactly what I was looking for.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom on Jul 31st 2016

    One word- UNBELIEVABLE. I'm not joking. I have the 9FS and the bike is simply amazing. I'm already going to order some extra parts, but bought the bike used. Now the only thing I wish is that I just bought it new. That's because they don't lose a lot of value, so you might as well get the newer one. And with the black out bits I think they look more modern. Here's a few impressions I've gathered: I read a rant from someone stating the brakes aren't that strong. So I put this to the test. I took it down the hill next to my house that has an easy 50 degree incline- stopped on a dime. I weight 160lbs and thought about upgrading to discs. Why? They work great just the way they are. Build quality is great. Solid as a rock. I hear the 2013's are even better, but the 2010 I have can be tightened down perfectly with no wiggle in either the handles or seat post. 9 speeds work great. I thought they might not be enough, but now I'm wondering why I'd need more. I've taken it on a long ride and can't seem to find any need for extra gears. If your a bike nut, then maybe. But for the average Joe- well, I just don't see how you could be disappointed. The handle bars are wide- and I love it. I didn't know if it would matter but IT DOES. It makes it so much more comfortable and easier to maneuver. You completely forget your on a folding bike. Adjustable suspension! I thought it might be to soft- wrong again. It's so easy to adjust and felt absolutely perfect even climbing hills. It folds fine. Is it the most compact in the world. No- but who cares? Frankly, I can't tell at all. It fits in my Chevy Sonic with a ton of room to spare. For the added comfort of a suspension, I'll take a few extra pounds. I'm so happy with this bike that I'm almost obsessed with it. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice out and I can't wait to take it for a ride. I get tons of looks on this thing too. Now, time to start ordering all the extra bells and whistles. This is the best bike I've ever owned.

  • 5
    Great for my sailboat

    Posted by Thomas Perry on Jul 31st 2016

    Dear Sirs It's been two years since I've owned 2 of your wonderful bikes. I am a sailor and have often carried my full-sized bike on my boat to ride when we went ashore to enjoy the area. The bikes where too big and had to sit out on deck to travel which would subject them to the extreme salt air and sea conditions. I thought, how much more convenient it would be to have folding bikes, so I spent many months looking around our local bike shops then online for what I felt would be the type of bikes we wanted. I saw all the usual popular folding bikes but was concerned that the small 20" wheels would create a stiffer ride, I read many blogs and decided on the DownTube 8FH brand bases on the feedback I read, it was reasonably priced and comes with full suspension. We have used these bikes for two years now and love them. These bikes are dedicated to the boat only. Its quality built and has a smooth ride, great for the light dirt trails along the coast and the 8 speed internal hub to keep things clean verses the usual derailleur configuration. On my bike I have put on fenders, a front disk brake and a rack on the back with Panniers for carrying extra clothing or for picking up food etc. for the boat. The other I've kept stock. It weighs about 27 LBS. a bit more with the extras added but light enough to carry on your back in the carrying bag while climbing up the ramp from the boat ramps. The Bikes are folded into their own bags and kept in one of our 3 sleeping cabins and supported by a lee cloth. We have no problems getting them through the cabin door, the companion way or into our dingy. They are made of aluminium and built to withstand the sailing environment. We are no longer relegated to staying only around the marinas, but enjoy a daily bike ride to Light Houses, wharfs, farmers markets or city activities. Everyone that sees them says what a great idea and where did you get those? I tell them you can order them on line. For cruisers it's a great way to get your exercise and enjoy the back road sites of out coast line. Thank you for designing a great bike we enjoy them every time we unfold them.

  • 5
    Solid and comfortable

    Posted by Chris Ihm on Jul 31st 2016

    When I moved to an apartment in Queens I knew it was time to switch to a folding bike. I did a fair amount of research looking for one that was sturdy enough to carry my weight (225), would fold small and be fairly light to carry, would roll when folded, wouldn't break the budget. The 9FS met those criteria. I ordered it last Wednesday and received it on Friday as Yan predicted, and the bike was packed well enough that UPS wasn't able to damage it. In fact, after doing the bike-store-style checkup posted on the Downtube website, I was able to take it out for a quick spin two hours after I opened the box. Today I rode ten slightly-hilly miles on a multi-use path. The 9FS continues to feel solid and comfortable, and I'm looking forward to many more miles, and a lot more of the fun I had today. That is, if I can keep my wife off of it - I may need to order another one!

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