Bicycle Touring: Helmets

I the early 90's I rode with a Bell Racing Helmet,  which saved my life in a major crash. I was very satisfied with these old helmets, until I tried a Giro Atmos around 2008. These new helmets fit on your head so snug, it is amazingly comfortable, they don't bounce around like the old stuff. Recently I purchased my first 'MIPS' helmet, the protective material is the shape of a bee hive. MIPS is a huge leap in protection, however many of the current MIPS helmets are low quality helmets. I would encourage you get a MIPS helmet with plenty of air vents ( to keep you cool ) and a visor ( to minimize glare from the sun ) . I will discuss different brands and quality of the helmets.

1. Smith Forefront MIPS'- Smith was one of the first to jump into the MIPS technology, so I expected a mature product. Unfortunately it is one of the worst helmets I have owned in years. The MIPS is uncomfortable on my head ( it needs a liner ), the size adjustment knob always moves around making the helmet bounce on my head, and the straps are constantly out of their proper place.

2. 661 MIPS- The MIPS area is minimal, most of it is the same as the non-MIPS helmet.

3. LAS - This has become my favorite helmet brand. The Kripton is the only one size fits all helmet that actually works. My little kids borrow my helmet and it fits them just as snug as me. Just like all other brands, it has a knob to adjust the diameter of the helmet. Additionally it has an adjustment which perfects the location of the helmet fit on the back of one's head. Unfortunately they do not have MIPS yet, but they should next season.

4. Giro - This is the biggest helmet brand in the USA. The helmets fit snug with their patented Roc-Lock fitting system, and they have just added MIPS. They are pricey and come in three different shell sizes ( no one size fits all ).

5. Bell - The parent company to Giro, but slightly lower end helmets. They have MIPS for safety, and a fit dial on the back of the helmet ( for comfort ).