Highways magazine review

Articles about Downtube folding bikes have appeared in several different kinds of publications over the years. Each one has covered some quality of our bikes that fits in with the subject of that particular magazine or newspaper. All, of course, cover the fact that all our bikes fold. Boaters love that they fold because a folding bike takes up so little room on deck or below deck, and there are rust proof parts on most models so the bike won’t get destroyed when you combine it with your other hobby of boating around lakes and rivers. Commuter reporters like to point out how you can store a folding bike in the overhead bin and then ride it to and from work. Airplane enthusiasts are ecstatic when they read that they can put a bike or two on board their single engine Cessna. Travel writers like to point out that you can take your bike on a commercial flight and not have to check it into the baggage compartment on most flights. Have you ever seen how they treat luggage in the baggage compartment? Yikes! But the one type of travel that I hadn’t thought about came up when Trailer Life magazine published an article about Downtube folding bikes and how convenient it is when people with trailers go camping.

I’ve copied and pasted their article below in case you can’t read the photo of the article I also posted.

If you’re an avid camper and don’t want to go through the frustration and hassle of trying to figure out how to get your family’s bicycles on board, maybe you should think about including folding bikes into your equipment. After all, a good part of the fun of camping is the freedom it gives you, and what can be freer spirited than riding a bike in the country?

Enjoy your ride!

(The following is a transcription of the actual article that appears in the photo below.)


Downtube Unfolds Fun

Tooling around the campground or exploring new destinations on a bike is worth every spin of the wheel, but packing up the bike doesn’t have to mean wrestling it through the trailer door or attaching a rack on the trailer and worrying about the bike getting weathered. Instead, Downtube has a bike that folds up so small you can fit it in a suitcase.

Downtube bikes come in eight- or nine-speed designs and are easy to fold and unfold. The frames are made from 6061-aluminum making them light, durable and rust-resistant. The company has a full selection to fit all sizes of riders, with prices ranging from $299 to $499.

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.downtube.com.