While I have cycled almost every day for the past 20+ years, I just learned to carve turns a few years ago. I love to swing my bike left, and then right, just to feel the momentum shifting. This year past year my goal was to teach my kids how to do it. Carving turns will help them gain time in triathlon or road races, and, quite frankly, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Before you try to teach carving you will need to make sure the tires on all the bikes are properly inflated. Under inflated tires are not safe.

Here are the key steps:

1. If you are turning right you need your left foot down, and vice versa.
2. The rider needs to put the majority of their weight on the foot that is down.
3. Keep your head steady and look at the line you want to ride. Your eyes will pick the line, so make sure to keep them steady. Like with a car your bike will go wherever you look.
4. Lean the bike as much as possible without turning the steering, this will keep the maximum amount of momentum through the turn.
5. Push your rear end on the side of the saddle to carve super sharp turns ( you will need to push with your rear end to get a sharp turn )
6. Don't bail out unless absolutely necessary.

This is not easy, but it is fun and it will allow the rider to keep most of their momentum in any turn.

©2018 Dr. Yan Lyansky