Fitting an adult comfortably on a bicycle is not easy; fitting a child on a bike is much harder because their bodies are constantly changing. This article covers how to do it with kids in the 5-12 age range.

First you need a bicycle frame with wheels that will fit your child. Please use the below information as a guideline since each child is different. Some kids are bigger or smaller than the norm. I highly recommend that you make sure the stem is angle adjustable; this will allow you to adjust it out as your child grows. Then make sure the saddle rails are long. Moving the saddle back will allow a frame to accommodate a taller child, because it increases the distance to the pedals. Hence, it will grow with them for longer.

People always prefer smaller frames if they can be made to fit properly. This is doubly so for kids since smaller frames are lighter and easier to control. Keeping a small frame with longer seat post, stem, and saddle rails can keep a small frame usable for longer.

5-11 year old children should use 20 inch wheels on mountain bikes while older kids should get suspension models since their bikes will be taller.

10- 14 year old children should us 24 inch wheel mountain bikes or 650C road bikes.

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