Brompton bikes are the smallest folding bikes in the world. They are cool - as are so many thing from Britain. These bikes have developed an excellent reputation for quality over the years; however, they have had issues with not enough gear options, brakes, and fitting. Our Mini is slightly bigger than a Brompton, but if you remove the seat post it is almost the same size. If you need the smallest possible folding bike you won’t go wrong with a Brompton; however, if cost is a factor in your search for the best bike for you, it would be wise to look at our Mini. A Downtube Mini costs about half as much as a Brompton, provides a complete gear range, uses high quality brakes, has a lighter aluminum frame, gives you the option of a carbon belt drive to help keep everything clean.

Check out the comparison table below to see which bike is the best fit for you.

  Brompton Downtube mini (Shimano 8sp)
Frame Material Steel Aluminium
Drivetrain inefficient 3sp hub efficient 8sp internal hub
Rack and Bag interfaces Yes Yes
Cranks lower quality Cold forged
Pedals folding folding
Folded size Super Compact Compact
Brake Quality Old Style Caliper Excellent V brakes
Fits inside a regulation size suitcase Yes Yes
Frame protector (bar from below to protect frame) No Yes
Weight 28 24.5
Use Standard Bike parts No Yes


starts at $1300 around $700