Downtube folding bike vs Xootr folding bike

Xootr has an excellent reputation for producing a fast and light folding bike. Unfortunately, the Xootr Swift was discontinued in 2017.However, there are still many of them around for sale. While the Downtube Nova is competitive with the Xootr Swift it offers more for a lower price. Our 9sp bikes have more gears, optional suspension, adjustable stem, alloy pedals, and a smaller fold.

If you like the Xootr Swift, you’re going to love the Downtube Nova and other bikes we make. Take a look at the chart below. We think you’re going to be amazed at what you get with a Downtube bike and how little you have to pay to get one.

  Xootr Swift ($799) Downtube 9 ($499) Downtube Nova ($299) Downtube FS ($549)
Frame Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Drivetrain 8sp cassette 9sp cassette 7sp freewheel 9sp cassette
Suspension none steel fork Zoom fork none steel fork Zoom fork and rear shock
Cranks replaceable chainring replaceable chainring replaceable chainring replaceable chainring
Stem fixed angle fixed angle fixed angle fixed angle
Pedals Aluminium folding Aluminium folding Plastic folding Aluminium folding
Frame Safety lock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replacable rear derailleur hanger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water Bottle braze-on No Yes Yes Yes
Frame protector (bar from below to protect frame) No Yes Yes Yes
Use Standard Bike parts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 22.2 26 24.5 27