Family Cycling in Eastern Oregon

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on May 6th 2018

Family fun in La Grande, Oregon

This year I was blessed with an opportunity to teach at  Eastern Oregon University. The University is in La Grande, a town with a population of 13,000, and it's is the biggest town in Eastern Oregon. I have been cycling all around town with my kids, they are 9 & 11. However this week they started going on their own. They did their own thing three days in a row. They went to the community community market to get ice cream. The next day they went to the outdoor skate park & playground. Yesterday they went to Fairie Beads, an awesome bead shop that sells beads, stones, crystals, and more. Tomorrow I expect they will go to scouts without me ( it's a quick ride down 6th st ).

I am so thankful to be in a perfect environment to let me kids grow in a safe way. I'll keep this page updated on their progress towards cycling independence.