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minib on mackinac island

minib on mackinac island


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The most surprising thing about the MiniB is how much it feels like a regular sized bicycle. The biggest differences are looking down and seeing the small tires and getting compliments when I go by. I'd describe my rides as casual/fun and the MiniB is perfect for that. It's easy enough to fold up and put in my car. Maybe one day we'll see an even smaller fold and an even lighter Downtube bike, but I am still quite satisfied with how portable it is. I've done rides up to 30 miles without issue, including on roads, dirt paths, and fine gravel. The only thing I felt the need to change were the grips. I also feel that the highest gear could be a little higher, though it would would suit most riders as it is. The bell and rear rack have already come in handy many times. The small tires are especially good and accelerating from a stop, as well as climbing up hills. The paint looks great and was pleased that this bike was available in blue. This is my first experience with a belt drive, so I can't say much about that except that it works as it should. Clean and quiet. For a long time I wished to have a bike that was easily portable, so I'm looking forward to seeing where I can travel with this.

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Couple times a week

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Columbus, Ohio
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