9FS folding ebike conversion review

folding ebike conversion with suspension



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Added Avid BB7, 36h wheels, Big Ben tires, gel seat, 4" riser handlebars that I used like a stem to move reach forward and Yan sold me an updated front fork and the suspension on this is superior to my 26" MTB with rockshox and a thudbuster. It's also running a 750W Bafang middrive motor and hits 35mph easily but I keep it around 20 for safety, battery conservation and general more pleasant riding. I prefer 20" wheels now as an urban commuting bike, and there just aren't full suspension bikes this size... let alone a folder I can throw in a car trunk and travel anywhere with. Paid $400 in 2008 and the current prices are easily half what you pay for any bike let alone the nice options on this... a very solid framed folder.

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