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8Fs ebike conversion

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Overall good experience! Yan typically very responsive to questions had on chat. Had to file dropouts slightly to get larger ebike hub axle to fit. Also had to space out a mm or two... was kind of worrisome initially because it was tiiiiight getting wheel on/off. Also... issue with rear brake that I didn't really notice until I got back from a year long deployment (military)... would have noticed sooner if I rode it more.. feel I would have rode it more if I got the color I wanted. That said. I like what downtube and it's owner stand for so it's not a big deal. Pros: price!, solid build and component quality despite generic/non-'standard' brands, shipping speed and cost, full suspension works (esp at 30 mph!), having full rack mounts on rear that allows susp + rack! turned out great for the conversion. Cons: Did not get 'dark blue' color I had specified. Very disappointed in that initially and part why I used it as my experiment bike to convert. Rear brake seems a little askew/bent but only realised when inspecting closer when surveying bike for conversion. King for a day?: wish there was some sort of aftermarket top-tube bar I could install along the top for reinforcement/peace of mind. I rarely fold the bike (folding it to put in car for trip to a Tour de Milk in October). Oh... seat post scratched up if folding it down/up a lot... cosmetic but kind of an annoyance. Wish it shipped with a vial of touch up paint as well since there were some scratches on arrival. That said. Get the color that you like :P..

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Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, US

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