Yan's first bike Tour

The below are pictures from Yan Lyansky and Sam Ryan's cross country bike trip in July 1995. Yan Lyansky is the designer of Downtube bikes, and Sam Ryan is currently the CEO of Keybridge Communications, a top notch PR firm in the DC area.

Behind us is our fully loaded bikes with Sam's guitar, he is an amazing singer, songwriter, and guitar player.

Yan & Sam Tired

Yan biking through some light trails in NY, this was a short cut we took on our 2nd day.

Riding in NY Trails

Yan exhausted taking a break along the Erie canal.

 Erie Canal Bridge

Sam's computer at 1000 miles!!!

 1000 mile mark

Changing a flat while on a loaded tour is a major project....see everything that needed to be unpacked.

 First flat tire on tour

Waiting out a storm in a lumber yard....sooo much fun :)

 Big Rain storm

We made it to Niagra Falls. We almost rode 100 miles on this day. We were at 99.7 miles and went to bed!

 Niagara Falls Bike Tour

The last dry picture we had in Niagra Falls, after this shot we went down and got soaked by the Falls

 Yan & Sam at Niagara Falls


Both of us on the ferry from MI to WI. It rained constantly in MI and we were excited to get out.

Ferry Tour from MI to WI

Yan on the Mississippi River.

 The Missippi River on Bike Tour