RV's are a great way to see the country. My family's first RV trip was a four day trip from Greensboro, NC to Legoland in Florida. On the way we stopped in Savannah, Ga. and Downtown Disney in Orlando, Fl. After Legoland closed we headed to Clearwater beach ( Sand Key is our favorite spot ). We spent the next morning in Clearwater, then back to Legoland until it closed. Then we drove to Daytona Beach for the night. The next morning we went to Jeckyll Island, and Hilton Head island and then back home.

In four days we went to seven cities, and two places twice! This was an amazing way to travel, however we had a couple issues. All of us felt sort of stuck to the RV, and we were not able to be active while driving in the RV. Folding bikes were the perfect solution to both problems. We went out on a few family rides, and I went out on my own. The folding bikes fit into the RV with no problem, and they increased our activity level. Additionally it gave each of us more freedom to explore. I highly recommend RV traveling with folding bikes.


Author: Dr. Yan Lyansky