Folding bikes work perfectly with RV's

Traveling in an RV is a great way to see the country, especially if you have a family. You don’t have to eat at whatever fast food restaurant is available when people get hungry. You can make inexpensive, healthy meals whenever you want. And there’s no more searching for a rest stop or stopping at every rest stop because your kids aren’t like faucets – they can’t control when they need to pee. Based on my experience, I highly recommend taking an RV on your next vacation.

My family's first RV trip was a terrific four day trip from Greensboro, North Carolina, to Legoland in Florida. Before we got to Legoland we stopped in Savannah, Georgia and Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. Talk about seeing the sights! After Legoland closed for the day we headed to Clearwater beach - Sand Key is our favorite spot. If you’re a sunset watcher, you cannot beat the amazing sunsets of Clearwater. But make sure you are there on time – they’re beautiful but they’re very fast.

We spent the next morning in Clearwater, and then headed back to Legoland until it closed for the day. Yes, the kids loved Legoland, hence the double visit. I think, if they had their way, we never would have left. Then we drove to Daytona Beach for the night. The next morning we went to Jeckyll Island, and Hilton Head Island before we headed back home. What a great country this is.

And what an amazing trip! In four days we went to seven cities and two places twice! Going by RV was a wonderful way to travel; however, we had a couple issues. Even though traveling this way seemed to give us a tremendous amount of freedom, at first, we all felt sort of stuck to the RV. We were not able to be physically active while on the road, and we craved the open air. But I had anticipated this. I brought the perfect solution to both problems - folding bikes. We went out on a few family rides, and I went out on my own as well. The folding bikes fit into the RV with room to spare. We were able to increase our individual activity level, and additionally, bike riding gave each of us more freedom to explore.

RV traveling is high on my list of ways to see the country, and traveling in an RV with folding bikes is the best way to do it right. Check out for information about folding bikes and a complete list of available Downtube folding bikes.

It’s time to get on the road!


Author: Dr. Yan Lyansky