Looking to travel with a bike? You will need a comfortable bike, which is small and easy to transport. It will also need to accept a rack. The compactness is doubly important as a security feature ( so you can take it shopping with you ). Folding bikes with suspension are the perfect travel bikes. The suspension makes them comfortable to ride, and the fold makes it compact for travel. We've had many customers take our bikes on travel tours. All of our current 2018 models travel bikes accept racks, and most have suspension.

Below are pictures of a 2007 Downtube FS that was set up for touring by Ben Waddington a customer. A big thanks to Ben for the pictures. Our newest 2018 9FS models have braze-ons for frame mounted rack, hence they can be set up for touring very quickly.

Travel Bike for touring

Riding on a travel Bike

Rack installed for travels by Bike