Bicycle Stem Adjustment

Adjusting a Bicycle Stem for Comfort

Most of our bikes use high rise handlebars. Rotating the handlebars inward or outward will allow the rider to adjust for their arm length. Longer armed individuals should rotate the bar so it is as far away from their body to give room to stretch out. While shorter armed people should rotate the bar inward so it is as close to their body as possible.

However some riders may require more ( or less ) reach. Adding ( or subtracting ) length at the stem will give a folding bike a clumsy fold. Therefore we recommend most riders use the stock stem/handlebar combination. However if you need to more length we recommend you try an Aber Hallo stem extension. This is angle adjustable, and should have a minimal effect on the fold. 

Standard Bike Stem Instructions

All of our bikes can accept a standard bicycle stem. Our 8H has a 28.6mm inner diameter, hence it will accept a 1 1/8" tube and standard 1 1/8" threadless stem. For our 9FS and mini we offer a 29.4/25.4mm shim that will allow a 1" ( 25.4mm ) tube to be inserted into the stem and a 1" threadless stem of any length. This configuration allows almost unlimited adjust ability. The below instructions will refer to using a threadless angle adjustable stem.

Step #1 Look at the stem and decide on the changes you want to make.

step 1 stem adjustment

Step #2 Loosen the 5mm allen bolt on the stem to change the angle from 0 to 60 degrees.

step 2 stem adjustment

Step #3 Change the stem angle as desired. Lift the angle higher, closer to 60 degrees,if you want to sit upright. Make the angle closer to 0 degrees if you want to ride in a tuck position.

step 3 stem adjustment

Step #4 Tighten the allen bolt.

step 4 stem adjustment

Step #4 ( Optional ) Riders that want to sit completely upright, emulating a cruiser bike can do so on a folding Downtube. First remove the handlebar from the stem by removing the four 4mm allen bolts. Then loosen the two 5mm allen bolts that hold the stem to the steerer tube. Rotate the stem so it points toward the rider. Then tighten the two 5mm allen bolts attaching the stem to the steerer.

stem bolts


Step #5 & 6 Compress the right hand grip by pushing the shifter into it. This will give the right side cables more room to bend naturally. Then move the brake lever towards the shifter to give the cables a more natural bend.


 compress grips



Step #7 Replace the handlebar with four 4mm allen bolts. Once finished the stem of the bike should look like the picture below. Be careful not to kink the cables when doing this operation. When completed, you will have a comfort bike feel on a suspended folding bike.

 inverted stem

Step #7 More photos of the final configuration


 long inveretd stem

invereting the stem