Bicycle Saddle Adjustment

Saddles should be level or have a slight downward angle. The rider will sit on the back of the saddle & compress it. Making it level under the rider's weight. Don't give the saddle to much of a downward angle, it will make you slide down on each pedal stroke, which is amazingly uncomfortable.


Step #1 Look at the saddle and decide on the changes you want to make. All adjustments should be made while seatpost is on the bike. Do not remove the seatpost to will most likely end up uncomfortable.


Step #2 View the 6mm bolt on the seatpost from the below the saddle


Step #3 Loosen the 6mm bolt with an allen wrench. Turn it counter clockwise to loosen.


Step #4 Once the allen bolt is loosened the saddle can slide forward and back. If you have short arms pushing it forward will be more comfortable. If you are tall with long arms you will need to slide it all the way back.


Step #5 Adjust the saddle angle by tilting the saddle up or down. Ideally the saddle should be level while riding. Keep in mind the riders weight compresses the back of the saddle, hence the front should be tilted down at an angle of 5 degrees ( while not supporting a rider ).


Step #6 Tighten the 6mm allen bolt by turning clockwise.