Violent Bike/Car Accident

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 13th 2022

I was run over last night while biking home. I was at the biggest intersection in downtown Columbia, SC in the crosswalk cycling with a green light. A car was turning onto Gervais St and rammed right into me. I was splattered on the road, and the car took off. Many pedestrians called 911 and multiple people attended to me. I'm kind of ok, not really ok.

I want to share lessons learned from this accident to help others:

1. I was able to get my legs over the top tube before impact. This kept me from going under the car and it dropped the force of impact by 50% or so ( as I was sliding off the seat ). I was riding a 24" wheel Dyan bike. In the future I will move to 20" wheel models. The lower top tube is safer in case of accidents like this.

2. You don't need to be tough during such a time. Thankfully the police and pedestrians supported me in a time of need. You can lean on others.

3. EMS offered to take me to the hospital. I am terrified of doctors so I refused. I expect sitting in a hospital waiting for a doctor would increase stagnation and worsen recovery. Go to the hospital only if you need to go.

4. I was shocked to be able to ride my bike home. The accident was extremely violent and the bike was run over. However the Dyan is still usable ( for a little while ).

5. This is the send time this year that I have been hit by a car in Columbia. I expect my time teaching in this city are numbered.

6. There are camera's everywhere. They found the driver 30 minutes after I left. I don't want anything bad for them, but this is not ok.