The boogeyman of searches

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 24th 2021

I have been doing search engine optimization since 2006. Our URL is old, from 1996 which adds value to searches. We have 640 webpages which is about 10 times more than all of our competitors. We have at least 10 times more images than any competitor, and hundreds of videos ( way more than everyone else ). However for the past 5 years we have consistently come up on page 3-5 on "folding bike" searches. This would be logical if there are more relevant sites, however the sites with higher rankings are clevercycles ( not a folding bike company ), retrospec ( another non-folding company ), worksman cycle ( a tricycle company ), kryptonite lock ( a lock company ), mikesbikes ( a retailer ), and a bunch of other irrelevant listings.

Google used to be good, we were on page 1 for over a decade. But something has happened, the relevancy of folding bike searches is poor. I have noticed the same in other industries. I now look to page 3,4,5 if I am looking for a good search result.

I have more inside information on this topic that I will release sometime in the future. It's time for a good search company to step up....anyone interested in challenging Google???