Price Fixing: Steve Flagg's Good internet v Bad internet quote

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Oct 7th 2021

In 2015 published an article about a speech by Steve Flagg; the founder of QBP which is the biggest bicycle parts distributor in the USA. They quote him saying, "Flagg listed what he called factors comprising the 'Bad Internet.' They include the web’s power to turn brands into commodities, ultra-low pricing, minimal contact with consumers, a lack of community and showrooming.

On the other hand, there is the 'Good Internet.' The web allows consumers to research products before purchase; 'pajama' shopping or, in other words, the ability of consumers to sit at home and shop online; the web’s ability to save time and vehicle trips; and its ability to maintain MAP pricing."

The content of this topic is hogwash. Steve Flagg started QBP as a two man operation. He found efficiencies and turned it into something special. Now he wants the efficiencies to go away....MAP defines all pricing. This is his desperate attempt to keep control of a competitive landscape, by removing competition.

Unfortunately, my entire industry has been focused on MAP style anti-competitive solutions for over a decade. Please buy on ebay, Amazon, and use mobile mechanics. Do not fund the non-sense of anti-competitive behavior that local bike shops support.