Price fixing: It's real and it's bad

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Oct 7th 2021

Take a look at Smart etailing's MAP offering. This is one way to guarantee there is no variability in prices, and the market is anti-competitive. You can spend all day looking for a discount on Fox will never find one. Is that good for customers??? I don't think so. 

The worst part is that dealers claim this is the holy grail to big profits. It is claimed to be the solution for the industry's ills. People breaking the MAP are the bad guys and need to get in line. I find no logic in this position and I have called out the absolute stupidity posted by dealers on . I believe one MAP industry evangelist Fred Clement was moved from a publishing position due to his absolute non-sense.

Please support competitive bike shops, mobile retailers, and off brands on ebay and amazon. Stay away from Corporate stores and other anti-competitive shops.