MAP can never work in a global economy

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Oct 7th 2021

MAP stands for minimum advertised price, which is an industry norm to keep prices constant from all retailers. In a global economy MAP can never work. Actually, it will fail for exactly the individuals that sign the MAP. Let me explain:

In a global economy retailers can buy from factories overseas. These factories sell branded goods like Mavic, Answer/Manitou, etc. The buyer does not sign a MAP, so his/her supply chains can never run dry. All of the MAP shops are not allowed to compete with his/her lower pricing. In short the MAP destroys the people supporting the MAP. It just creates some inefficiencies for a small period of time, they will evaporate as time goes on. 

Please buy from shops that are competitive and discount, work hard, and are honest. The majority of shops satisfy none of these conditions.