Google Search Update

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Jul 21st 2023

I have been complaining about Google Search for several years. We were at the top of Googles ranking for about a decade, and then we precipitously collapsed for the past six years. A Google rep offered me a boosted rank if I bought more ads, I found the request troubling and refused.

Our site has more content, more images, more videos, and has been online for longer than any of our competitors. However, we have been ranked between 30-50 on folding bike searches for the past five years. This year we have been slowing going up. Recently, we got up to #16. I don't know what is going on, and I hope they finally got their stuff straight. However, I am suspicious that they knocked others lower due to little/no advertising budget.

I hope they finally get it right, and stop correlating paid ads to organic search rankings. Otherwise we all lose!