Folding Bicycle Blog

Carbon & Plastic Bikes Coming

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 23rd 2021

I have been working on a carbon and plastic folding bike with my friend Alberto. He is the greatest CAD bike designer in the world. We are three years in and have sourced a factory and will begin deve … read more

Mobile food growing operation

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 20th 2021

For the past four years I have followed a "Back to the Garden of Eden" wood chip growing operation. I have over 500 fruit trees, 1000+ strawberry plants, and lots of other exotic growth all over. My o … read more

6+hrs of training

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 20th 2021

This year I have alot of free time, due to a breakup. This semester, I took time off of teaching and created a startup. I expect to grow into a major business in 2022. This year I started … read more

Sun recumbent trike

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 16th 2021

I am a big fan of tadpole trikes. Today I saw my first Sun recumbent trike. It had bolt on axles with low end hub bearings. A single disc rotor in the rear with an added point of drag & resistance … read more

Edging is dangerous for bikes

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 15th 2021

I recently fell off of my bike for the first time in many years. I just figured out the culprit...edging. Grass naturally grows over sidewalks. Edging removed the grass, bringing a nice looking edge t … read more