80psi for 250lb rider

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Nov 10th 2021

A friend of mine that is tall ( and a little heavy ) purchased an XFS about six months ago. He dropped alot of weight, and has gained tons of fitness. He called me today and asked about 80psi on his bike tires. I said that is way too high. The bike will ride much faster, however his size will create problems for the bike. Additionally, the lack of suspension in the tires will beat up his body.

He told me I was right, on his first ride his body got beat up badly, and he also had a loose spoke in the rear wheel. He instantly went back to lower pressure tires. Overall, I think 40psi is perfect for light riders, 40-50psi is great for mid-sized riders. low 50psi is ideal for heavier riders ( lower pressure will increase the probability of pinch flats ).