Vancouver Family Trip

Vancouver is beautiful in the Summer

Getting to Vancouver means you need to pass through the border crossing. The USA side of the border is a not as well organized as the Canadian side. They have a small shopping area just before the crossing. Many cars cut in line by going through the mini-mall before crossing....probably saved them 30 min.

Driving into Vancouver is amazing. Everything is clean, and beautiful! This is one of the nicest cities I have visited. Unfortunately we stayed at the Ramada downtown, and I chose to park in the lot across the street. That night someone broke into our car to steal a bicycle. Next time imI in a foreign country with usa tags i will pay $37 for valet service. The police didn't even bother coming sinvs we are American.  Our bike trip turned into a driving trip. We wanted to get home Asap to fix our broken window.

We took some fantastic pictures in town. Hopefully we will get the chance to visit Vancouver again in a more positive way. Look at some cool pics below.

Needle in vancouver

art in vancouver

vancouver city view from the bridge

Beautiful Vancouver in the summer

vancouver tower close the the water

Vancouver waterfront