Future of Cars & Bikes

Electric cars are the future. Electric bikes are also experiencing double digits growth year over year. Electric scooters are getting wildly popular as well. In the future cars will not only take you long distances, they will also provide transportation ( via e-bike, e-scooter )  in dense cities. The cars will also charge these.

So how will this happen? I see a simple solution. An electric car will store multiple electric bikes and electric scooters, probably two of each ( for a four seater ).

Scooters fold down small, hence they can integrate into the rear of a seat. While stowed they will be electrically connected to charge the scooter. Likewise super compact bikes can be integrated into each of the rear quarter panel of a car ( inside the car ), with a charging interface.

In short the future is changing. I'm excited to see how it plays out. Hopefully, we will have a super compact model for sale in late 2020.