Comfort on a Folding Bike

Posted by Dr. Yan Lyansky on Sep 14th 2021

There are two things necessary to make sure you enjoy your rides. First you need a good bike, with nice brakes, gears, comfortable saddle, and grips. Then you need a fitting, a fitting makes your bike to fit your body. Making everything perfect.

How do you fit the bike to your body? There are three basic steps. First there should be no wrist bend when your hands are on the brake levers. This will minimize carpel tunnel forces. Then there should be a slight knee bend at the furthest point from your hip. Your knee should never be straight, or else you may tear cartilage. However if the saddle is too low it will be hard to bike. Keep the seatpost high enough to make cycling easy & fun. Thirdly the rider needs to set the ball of their foot in the middle of the pedal axle. This is performed by adjusting the saddle forward or backward in the rails. If the ball of your foot is in front of the pedal axle push the saddle back, and if its behind the axle push it forward. Once this is set, the bike will feel perfect. Try it out!