Back to Eden Gardening

For the past two years I experimented with a "Back to Eden" wood chip garden.

The premise of the concept assumes we have bad soil, and farming is making it worse. This can not continue long term.

The creator, Paul Gautschi, modeled his system after nature. He provides a covering to the soil using wood chips, leaves, mulch, or anything. A cover of 4-6 inches will keep the soil moist underneath. The moisture will allow worms and micro organisms to prosper. They decompose the wood chip and soften the soil. This process does not need watering, since the soil is always moist under the chips. Weeding is unnecessary, because the wood chips cover the soil, weed seeds never hit the soil, so they can't germinate. Pesticides are also unnecessary. Bugs only attack weakened dehydrated plants. His system keeps plants strong and well hydrated.

These principles work really really well. In the past two years I planted over 500 trees and bushes. Over 100 blueberry, 100+ raspberries, 50+ blackberries, 50 honey berry, 10 + apples, 20+ cherries, 20+ courants, 10+ bananas, 10+ cranberries, 10+ citrus ( orange, lemon, and kumquat ), 10+ figs, 10+ Aronia, 10+ peaches, and much more.

I will share some of the best results in future posts. Have any questions about growing? Please ask me, I know a few things.