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Pictorial Instructions: How to disassemble for flights in airline legal Samsonite Oystercase.
It is much easier to pack in oversized suicases ( airlines usually do not measure suitcases ).

A big thank you to Scott Holmen ( customer ) for submitting these pictures. Scott's bike is a 2008 model.
remove the below parts from the folding bicycle
configure the folding frame properly to fit ion the suitcase
folding bike frame goes inside the suitcase with chainrings down
place seatpost stem and misc parts in the suicase with the folded bike frame. Make sure everything is padded
deflate tires and place the rear tire betweem the fork and folding bike frame hinge
deflate the front wheel and place it on top add padding around the folding bike frame
Our VIIIH folding bike in a regulation sized Samsonite Oyster Suitcase

Compare Oyster and Flite cases

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