Downtube/ Introduces our new folding bike models

Folding bikes are adaptable, resourceful and versatile. As the name implies, you can fold them and easily take them on the train, bus and inside of a vehicle. When you open them up, they are amazingly agile and swift on the roadways! At Downtube, you will find several new folding bike models to choose from. All of our folding bikes will give you the lifestyle of freedom, providing transportation solutions that are affordable, practical and fun.

The Design Phase
For years, the designers have perfected the Downtube Folding Bikes to provide the highest quality that customers deserve. Since late 1990s to 2003, we have been fortunate to have professional designers at an overseas high end factory dedicating their time and passion to creating this wonder bike.

In 2003, we decided to introduce the Downtube VI folding bicycle on the market and to the public. It was a hit! So, in 2005, we did the same thing with our 9 FS full suspension folding bike, which became a best seller and favorite!

In early 2015, we introduced two new Downtube Folding bike models that the public have also fallen in love with. These new models feature the Gates Carbon belt drives with Shimano Nexus internal hubs. There is a huge demand for all of our folding bikes and we are scurrying to fill the demand. You don’t have to be left out!

Fulfilling Your Needs
Looking for some adventure? Want a commuting companion? Need transportation solution? Then the Downtube bike is the answer. You can ride it work and take it with you overseas, on a boat trip or riding around your neighborhood. At Downtube, we are in the business of helping people like you to unfold new journeys at home and abroad by sharing our folding bikes. We are excited about the prospect of helping you to fulfill your passion for adventure.

Value and Style
Our exhilarating line of folding bikes carries extraordinary value and style, with the ultimate focus on innovation, affordability and attractive transportation. We've jam-packed as much as is deemed necessary into our bikes for convenience so that you can experience the ease and joy of what the foldable bicycles have to offer.

Giving You Savings!
One of the things that make us different from other folding bike companies is that we directly sell to our customers to avoid the middle man. That means our customers benefit from the big savings.

Purchase One
Purchase one of these models today, if you are looking for the ideal companion for your vacation trip. You can depend on our excellent design, high performance, quality standards and the comfort that you will experience. In fact, we are big on comfort. No one wants to ride an uncomfortable bike, whether it is a folding bike or full size bike. Our folding bikes are easy for travel and provide adequate storage.

Customizing Your Order
When you purchase your bike from us, it is carefully and tightly packed and shipped it safely. When your bike arrives, it will be ready to ride. We have made it convenient for you by adding a show and tell video for each folding bike. You can watch the videos below to learn more. Just click on the links here at:

Now, click on each bike and watch the video for each of them.

Act Now
OK, so now that you have watched the video, what are you waiting for? Purchase one of your own! Act now by selecting the folding bike of your choice and ordering today!

If you have any questions, contact our executive designer, Dr. Yan at or call 215 245-3042 today.

full suspension aluminium frame folding bike with 9sp cassette and disc compatible components. Shimano Nexus Hub and Gates Belt drive 16 wheel folding  bike Folding Bike with Shimano Nexus 8sp Hub and gates Carbon Belt drive
Downtube 9FS Full Suspension Folding Bike
Our Price: $1,099.00
Sale Price: $499.00
Savings: $600.00
Downtube mini Shimano Nexus 8sp Folding Bike
Our Price: $1,399.00
Sale Price: $599.00
Savings: $800.00
Downtube 8H Shimano Nexus 8sp w/ Gates Carbon Belt Drive
Our Price: $1,599.00
Sale Price: $699.00
Savings: $900.00