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Proper Saddle Height Instructions


The proper knee bend ( which equates to saddle height ) is measured with the pedal at top dead center. The below picture has the pedal at top dead center, the furthest position from ones hip.

pedal at top dead center

The riders leg can never be completely straight while pedaling, this may cause cartlidge damage if ones leg gets locked in the straight position. The below photo has the riders leg in a dangerous straight position with the pedal at top dead center. This rider should lower his saddle slightly.

straight leg while riding

Ones leg should not have too much of a bend while riding. A large bend at the knee will make riding hard, and will not be good for ones joints ( it is highly probable to cause knee pain ). The below photo shows a rider with too much bend in the knee with the pedal at top dead center. This rider should set his saddle higher.

saddle height set too low

The rider should have a 30 degree knee bend at the bone ( not at the surface of the skin ). The ride will be amaingly comfortable once the seatpost height is properly set. The below photo has a perfect knee bend with pedal at top dead center, hence a perfect saddle height.

proper knee bend


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